FAST Ballistic Helmet with Glasses

Manufacturer part number: ARCP.0002
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  • Ballistic HIGH-CUT Helmet with Glasses
  • Material: Tac-Tex Aramide
  • Protection performance: NIJ IIIA
  • The inside helmet is padded with slow rebound memory foam, very comfortable when wear it and excellent for shock absorbing.
  • The front of the helmet is with night vision mounting system.
  • And both sides of the helmet are with accessory rail connectors, easy for carrying accessories.
  • Moreover, there are velcro modules on the helmet surface, for attaching other stuffs.
  • With adjustment system inside the helmet, the size can be customized.
  • High strength clear PC glasses are  fit to the helmet, and it can be taken back to the inner helmet when not used.
  • Color available:  Olive Green
  • Weight: 1.45kgs
  • One Size Fits All
  • Helmet cover in multicam color rip-stop fabric included
  • Carrying Bag included