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    Product reviews for Sentry Lightweight Plate Carrier

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    John Smith | 1/4/2018 12:52 PM
    Solid Quick-Don Carrier!
    I was skeptical about this carrier after a few friends expressed bad luck with Condor plate carriers, however I decided to go for it, and I was pleasantly surprised. Let me preface this review by noting that this carrier does see real-world use, with full-weight Level III AR500 plates. I don't throw cardboard in this carrier and play airsoft with it, it's seen classes, drills, and hundreds of workouts. Durability: This is fairly durable carrier. In the 8 months I've used it I haven't noticed any issues you normally see with lower-end tactical gear like seams ripping, MOLLE coming unstitched, and Velcro dying. It is thin and inexpensive material, however, and a few of the webbing pieces are slowly fraying with use. It will hold a plate without punching it through a corner. 4/5 Comfort: This is honestly one of the most comfortable carriers I've worn before. It distributes weight well across the shoulders and back and doesn't just hang all the weight across a pair of narrow straps. At the end of a 10 or 12 hour day wearing the carrier it's like I never put it on. It does lack a little breatheability, as the webbing used on the lining is mostly cosmetic. On a hot day you will definitely want to wear a moisture-wicking shirt. It also is uncomfortable to run in, as the adjustment system is rigid and doesn't allow the carrier to expand and contract with breathing. 3/5. User-friendliness This is a hard thing to quantify, I suppose. The carrier is difficult to adjust while wearing, which I guess makes sense. Any initial fitting involves donning and doffing the carrier multiple times. Once you have it set, though, it does not move. It has plenty of MOLLE and Velcro real estate on the front and back, but is obviously lacking on the sides. It is possible to leave one strap buckled to hang an IFAK or something. 4/5 Summary: This is a solid carrier. It's decidedly cheap, Spartan and sleek, but delivers on quality and ease of use. 11/15, solid B.
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